If I had a dollar for every time my dad said, “Don’t you dare bring another dog into this house,” I would be RICH. Well guess what, I love a good dare. I knew I wanted Ace to have a friend so I drove to Dallas and picked up this little fluff ball.

Everyone, including my dad, can’t resist the wiggle butt. Anyone who meets Oakley instantly falls in love with him. I don’t think Oakley has ever met another living creature that he didn’t want to befriend.

I truly believe that Australian Shepherds have enough energy to power the world. Out of the year and a half that i’ve had Oakley, I think I spent 85% of it trying to figure out where the heck his off button was. After considering the possibility that my dog was just insane, I discovered that running, hiking, playing fetch (pretty much anything that involves at least an hour of non-stop movement) will get me 30 minutes of peace….maximum.